"Quality over Quantity!"

Joel Parés is an award-winning, internationally-recognized, published photographer and digital artist based in Dallas, TX.  He specializes in photography for advertising and photo composites. His inspiration comes from his colorful upbringing; watching his father take pictures with a 35mm camera and listening to his mother tell stories about her modeling days in Puerto Rico.  This combination of image and story led to the use of the narrative throughout his work.  While serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, he traveled the world and discovered his own passion for photography.  His exposure to different cultures expanded his vision to endless storytelling possibilities.  As a Marine, Joel learned that the smallest details matter, a principle that continuously sharpens his technical skills and creativity. Joel has grown as an artist through his partnership with StudioTribe, a Dallas-based photography, CGI & creative imaging studio, where he’s hired to work with top ad agency creatives on a variety of clients’ work ranging from Frito Lay North America to McDonalds and FedEx Office, just to name a few. 

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  • Montreal, Quebec - US Consulate in Montreal
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Union Art Gallery


(partial list) 

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Joel Parés

Joel Parés